Vulkan specializes in exclusive metal finishes for high-end interior and exterior projects. By means of our own designed technique we can treat all shape-retaining materials with high-quality metals such as bronze, brass, …


Do you have a project in which you would like to work with 1 of these metals, but where the practical implementation is not possible because of, for example, weight or constructional limitations, or would you like your furniture fronts with a real metal look? Vulkan is the solution! With our passion for detail and years of experience we succeed in realizing the most exclusive plans of your clients.


We can take care of the entire project and be responsible for both the construction (in wood or metal) and the finishing with Vulkan.


Be inspired by our achievements.


Do you have a design idea in bronze, brass, copper, … but you are limited by the technical limitations of the material? Then we can help you with the conceptual development of the design up to and including the realization of the idea.


We treat all form-retaining materials such as MDF, metal constructions and 3D Prints. You can contact us with the construction and we provide the finishing in metal.

Overall project

We can take care of the metalwork, wood constructions and, if desired, also the installation. You place the responsibility for the entire project with us and we ensure a qualitative and timely delivery.

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