Chateau de Mirwart

Nights in style in Saint-Hubert.

In this magnificent and unique hotel, situated in de Belgian Ardennes, everything breathes luxury, refinement, elegance…

Vulkan could make full use its artistic character !

In the Bar Bleu, the countertop in mdf, was treated with Vulkan zinc and then patinated.

The result is this pittoresque and charming décor, that enhances the blue colors of the room.

These blue shades were used in the early days, as you can see in the restored frescos on the wall. In order to maintain the historic value of the castle, every detail has been taken into account.

The reception desk in the entrance hall was treated with the same technique, but different colors: Shades of brown, green and beige, in harmony with their surroundings.

We are proud to have been part of this exciting project!

In collaboration with Chateau de Mirwart / Architects Jaspers – Eyers